Swimming Pool Heating - Air-Source Heat Pump

Our swimming pool heating systems are amongst the most proficient and low-cost systems on the market. Zodiac Z300 heat pumps will enable you to enjoy your pool to the full from the very first rays of spring sunshine right through to the very end of the season.

Certified Performance - Zodiac Z300

Z300 heat pump, through its electronic expansion valve ensures an optimised COP in any season. Heat Pumps Zodiac Pool are the only market to be certified by the NF PAC. The NF certify that the coefficients of performance we provide are certified.

NF Certified
Zodiac Z300 Air-Source Heating

Silent Operation

With the guarantee Zodiac®, you have a heat pump among the quietest in the market certified by the Center for Technology Transfer Mans (FTTC) according to EN ISO 3741 and EN ISO 354 given.


With its patented titanium exchanger, Zodiax Z300 heat pumps can heat all types of swimming pool, whatever the origin and treatment (chlorine, salt electrolysis, bromine, ozone, etc.).

Heat Pump Facts

  • 80% of the energy used to heat your pool is FREE!
  • Very low sound levels: from 37.1 dBA to 38.7 dB.
  • The only pool heat pump to be NF PAC certified.
  • Four season models to work down to -8°C.
  • Models for both external and internal plant rooms

Heating Analysis

For every new-build pool or renovation we provide you with a detailed heating analysis so you know exactly what to expect when it comes to the running costs to heat your pool. This will also give you a comparison to show the expected costs compared to gas and electric heating systems.

If you currently have a pool and would like to know what you could be saving every month we just need to know a few details about your pool.

Request a swimming Pool Heating Analysis.

    7x3.5m Pool

  • Air-Source heating: £47.00
  • Oil heating: £165.00
  • Gas heating: £197.00
  • Electric heating: £228.00
  • 8x4m Pool

  • Air-Source heating: £61.00
  • Oil heating: £215.00
  • Gas heating: £257.00
  • Electric heating: £298.00
  • 10x5m Pool

  • Air-Source heating: £95.00
  • Oil heating: £336.00
  • Gas heating: £402.00
  • Electric heating: £466.00

*Prices based upon summer season use - May to Sept.