Swimming Pool Liners, Renovation & Replacement

When it comes to replacing or installing a new pool liner, Desjoyaux is the perfect choice. All our liners are manufactured in-house to provide the best quality and finish and come with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.

We offer a vast variety of not only finish but also the grade of liner depending on the pool specification. When it comes to replacement, each liner is manufactured to your pools bespoke specification to ensure the perfect fit!

Desjoyaux Liner Production

Replacing a Swimming Pool Liner

  • Drain pool water.
  • Remove existing pool liner and fittings.
  • Clean the pool structure with anti-bacterial chemicals.
  • Any minor repairs to the pool base and walls.
  • Installation of a new liner lock system (only if required).
  • Vacuum fitting to ensuring a perfect liner fit.
  • Once completely refilled, adding the relevant chemicals and or commissioning all systems ready to swim!
Swimming Pool Liner Quote

Classic Liners

A Liner Designed Especially For In Ground Pools.

The classic range includes a choice of liners 75/100mm thick for sealing and customising.

Celsius Liners

High quality liner used for a large pool thought Europe.

Celsius is a high-quality liner 75/100 mm thick, the result of many years of research, designed to meet strict requirements: water temperature up to 33°C, tolerance of a water treatment system that may result in significant chlorine levels, etc.

Premium Liners

High performance swimming pool liner, even more resistant to high pool water temperatures.

The Premium liner is a coming together of the very best pool liner manufacturing technologies. 75/100 mm thick and coated in several layers of reinforced lacquer, the components of which not only impregnate the surface but also the material itself, the Premium liner meets the strictest requirements for complete peace of mind.