Easy Wood Bar Cover

EASY Wood is the answer to all those wishing to ensure the safety of their above ground pool wood for a small investment. It can be used all year round

Easy Wood Bar Cover

Easy Wood Bar Cover

Simple to use

The winding is carried by a crank or effortlessly using the ROLLTROT ® engine. Average handling: running = 2 min / 3 min = winding.

Less wear due to riveted pads, composite protection under the tubes and welded hem lengths.

3 quick clicks stainless Voltage only.

Enhanced wind protection.

System voltage on the tube.

No stress

Closed & locked: once in place, safety is assured. No requirement for constant attention.


Less evaporation. Better thermal balance for a longer use of the pool at a lower cost. Cleaner water. Replaces the solar blanket, its reel and winter cover.


The EASY Wood comes with a 3-year warranty.