Desjoyaux Pools UK - Our Brand

Desjoyaux, the world's largest swimming pool manufacturer and installer, with over 15,000 pools around the world sold last year alone.

The Desjoyaux Group

Desjoyaux pioneered two different exclusive concepts (namely, the monobloc structure and the pipe-less filtration system) and successfully developed production values on an industrial scale, opening up endless possibilities in terms of shapes, options and equipment.

The Desjoyaux Group has been listed on the Paris stock exchange since 1992. This reassures customers of the company's leadership and provides clear proof of the company’s performance growth. The Desjoyaux Group remains the first swimming-pool manufacturer to be listed on a stock exchange.

Desjoyaux Global Brand

  • Over 40 years' experience
  • 10-year warranty on the manufacturing and installation
  • The Desjoyaux Group invests over £6 million each year in new products, research and development

A Desjoyaux Pool

Desjoyaux has invented a swimming pool that is easy to install and maintain, bringing happiness to every family. A swimming pool enables you to be on holiday at home, enjoyed in a thousand and one different ways, at any time of day or year.

Desjoyaux Pools UK Desjoyaux Pools UK Desjoyaux Pools UK